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Click here to download the Lakeland Area Route Map.

Route #1 - Florida Avenue Corridor
Route #3 - Lakeland Hills Corridor
Route #3X - Polytechnic Circuit Express (started November 3, 2014)
Route #10 - Circulator
Route #12 - Lakeland/Winter Haven
Route #14 - Combee/Edgewood
Route #15 - Kathleen/Providence/Harden
Route #22XL - Bartow Express to Lakeland
Route #32/33 - South Florida/Carter Rd. Flex
Route #39 - Bradley Flex
Route #45 - George Jenkins-Swindell
Route #46 - 10th/Wabash/Ariana
Route #47 - Duff Road Shuttle
Route #57 - Airport
Route #58 - College Connector
  Citrus Connection Routes
  W.H.A.T. and PCTS Routes
  2015 Proposed Service Reductions

My Ride
My Ride is the transit solution for every municipality in Polk County. The plan was devised by the people who will use it and it will expand service well past the current limitations. To learn more about My Ride, click on the My Ride logo on the home page.

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